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  • Technical analysis: CVE-2020-15654 and a history of Firefox “Browser Lock” bugs
    par SophosLabs Offensive Security le 3 août 2020 à 13 h 01 min

    Technical support scams are among the most pervasive forms of Internet-powered fraud. Preying primarily on less sophisticated computer, tablet and smartphone users, tech support scammers use fear and misinformation to convince their targets that they have become the victim of some sort of malware and coerce them into purchasing unneeded (and sometimes damaging) software and

  • Reducing TCO: How a three-person security team saved hundreds of hours every month
    par Sally Adam le 31 juillet 2020 à 12 h 30 min

    I recently spoke with Joshua Dostie, Senior Information Systems Security Specialist responsible for cybersecurity for a large healthcare provider in the US. Like most organizations that hold credit card, social security, and healthcare information, it’s a prime target for cybercriminals. Josh and his team of two are tasked with protecting the entire organization from attacks.

Zimbra : Blog All Things Zimbra.

  • NEW Zimbra Patches: 9.0.0 Patch 5 + 8.8.15 Patch 12
    par Urvi Mehta le 27 juillet 2020 à 17 h 31 min

    Hello Zimbra Friends, Customers & Partners, Zimbra 9.0.0 “Kepler” Patch 5 and 8.8.15 “James Prescott Joule” Patch 12 are here. For Zimbra 8.8.8 and above, you don’t need to download any patch builds. The patch packages can be installed using Linux package management commands. Please refer to the respective release notes for patch installation on The post NEW Zimbra Patches: 9.0.0 Patch 5 + 8.8.15 Patch 12 appeared first on Zimbra : Blog.

  • On hostingadvice.com: Work the Way You Want with Synacor’s Zimbra
    par Gayle Billat le 13 juillet 2020 à 5 h 30 min

    Hello Zimbra Friends, If you haven’t seen this article yet, check it out! From Christine Preusler at hostingadvice.com: Work the Way You Want with Synacor’s Zimbra: Scalable Open-Core Email Collaboration with Multiple Integration Options Here is the intro … Through Zimbra, Synacor provides hundreds of millions of users worldwide with an open-source alternative to proprietary collaborative software The post On hostingadvice.com: Work the Way You Want with Synacor’s Zimbra appeared first on Zimbra : Blog.

Direct2DellEMC Product & Technology Blog

  • Cloud Without Chaos
    par Steve Mackay le 3 août 2020 à 13 h 00 min

    It’s difficult to imagine a world where you couldn’t order groceries, check your bank account, read the news, listen to music or watch your favorite show from the comfort of your smartphone. Perhaps even harder to fathom is that some of these services only hit the mainstream in the last 10-20 years. The world we live in today is a stark contrast to the world of 20 years ago. Banks no longer deliver value by holding gold bullion in vaults, but by providing fast, secure, frictionless online trading. Retailers no longer retain customers by having a ... READ MORE

  • The Finance Leader of the Future
    par Thomas Murray le 31 juillet 2020 à 14 h 00 min

    Three leading global Chief Financial Officers recently shared their views on the impacts of recent events and their implications for the future of finance leadership. The business landscape is changing like never before – so how can you ensure that disruption works for, rather than against, your business? That was the central question of the Transformation Tune-In virtual event, hosted by Dell Technologies and Intel. Dr Alan Hippe, Group CFO and CIO at Roche – the healthcare giant responsible for producing over 100 million virology tests per month during the pandemic – was the first to ... READ MORE

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